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제품명 IN VITROCELL ES CO2 Incubator
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제품용도 Direct Heat(Air Jacket) CO2 Incubator
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  • CO2 Sensor :single source dual wave infrared (IR) sensor
  • Temp. Sensor : Dual temperature sensor
  • Direct Heating 방식, ;고밀도 단열판 사용으로 안정적인 온도 관리
  • Filter :Closed Loop HEPA System (ISO Class 5)
  • 일체형 내부 구조 및 양압 유지관리 시스템을 통한 도어 개폐 시 외부 공기 유입 최소화 및 오염 장지 시스템
  • 6NuTouchIntellgient Interface를 이용한 스마트하고 직관적인 디스플레이
  • Dual Sterilziation Cycles (NU-5810, 5820, 5830, 5840)
  • CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper Surface처리_2시간 이내 표면의 미생물 99.99% 제거 (옵션)
  • Automatic CO2 Tank Switch (External)&CO2 Tank Alarm (옵션)


Model NU-5800
Chamber Volume 7.06 ft.₃ / 200L
Exterior Dimensions (W×D×H) In.[mm] 26.75×27.0×41.5 [679.5×691×1054]
Chamber Dimensions (W×D×H) In.[mm] 21.15×21×26.5 [546.1×533.4×673.1]
Weight 235 lbs. / 106 kg.
Shelf Capacity
Dimensions (W×D) in.[mm] 19¾ x 18¾ [502 x 476]
Supplied 4 Shelves
Max. Capacity 23 Shelves
Max. Weight Capacity 20 lbs. (9kg) per Shelf
50 lbs. (23kg) per Incubator
Utility Connections
Gas Connections 0.25” (6.3mm) Tubing                            
Gas Input Pressure 20 PSIG (1.4BAR) Input Pressure Maximun. Two Stage Gas Regulator Required
Electrical Requirements
Startup Power 625 watts
Running Power 250 watts
Heat Rejected 14 BTU / minute
Temperature Control System       
Sensor Type Precision Integrated Circuit
Range 5℃ to 55℃ (5℃ aboveambient to 30℃ max. ambient)
Accuracy ±0.1℃
Uniformity ±0.3℃ at 37℃
Recovery 0.12℃/minute Average
Display Resolution 0.1℃
Minimum Qualifications for Sterilization 145 DEG Cycle 135℃
95 DEG Cycle 85℃
Co₂ Control Systems
Sensor Type Infrared single source dual wave length
Range 0.1 to 20%. (0.0 set point idles system)
Accuracy ±0.1%
Recovery Up to 5% ±0.2% / -0.5 in 5 minutes average
Display Resolution ±0.1%
Co₂ Control Logic Fixed/Algorithm/Manual, Environmental Adaptable



Cat No. Product name Description
NU-5800 Direct heat CO2 INCUBATOR (200L) Pack
NU-5810 Direct heat CO2 INCUBATOR Dual Sterilization Cycles (200L) Pack